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"Kannibaal's Gold"

DV 03611-07-1797

"KANNIBAAL'S GOLD".... Full Brother to the 2007 Million Dollar South African Ace Winner!!! His Father is a Double Grandson of "Kleine Dirk" The Super breeding Son of The Famous "Golden Lady" Direct.. Daughter of the "Kannibaal"! Possibly the Best Family of Foundation pigeons Ever. Most of his youngsters were sold last on Ipigeon in 2008, but this year for the first time I was able to send 2 bred from him in the money races and got great results. See results below. He has been rotated with 6 different hens in the 2009 breeding season. 

A Direct son of: "KANNIBAALS GOLD"...... is a Full Brother to the 2007 Overall Ace winner in South Africa's Million Dollar Race. Again the Koopman Blood. Bred down from the Most Famous pigeon in the World, "KLEINE DIRK"!! This bloodline is storming the World with very Big wins everywhere. A Must have Family of birds. He is recently sire of Equal first 5th in the trap at 250, Equal first 2nd in the trap at 300 and 9th 350 miles at the Texas Gusher 2009 taking the Lions Share of the board and sheet points. He is Now a Super foundation Stud.

For more information about this family, contact Kenny Rhodes by email or phone: 610-486-6588.

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